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Welcome to this site where we discuss social, technical and design issues about the federated wiki collaborative writing platform.

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# About me

My name is David Bovill. I write in the federation, and in this place I write with others about how this place works, how it could and should work, and how slowly we might build that.

This is a cultural site, I will keep any discussion about the technical and coding aspects of this topic to a minimum, and link to other places for that. Here we write about ideas.

# My Federation Life

Many people in the federation write journals - that is a form of diary. Wiki is a good place to write in obscurity. You should feel confident that Your writing is yours.

This site is a place where we can collect these experiences. Let's think of this as a Documentary in Making. Each write can have their own sub-domain here, should they be so inclined. But My Federation Life offers us other creative ways to discuss.

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