Map of the Federation

Here we look to create an interactive visualisation of the entire federation. In fact we look to constantly experiment with visualisations, curate and collecting these maps from participants in the federation. How are we to do this?

# Visualising the Federation

There are any number of ways to map or visualise the federation. Wiki itself has a number of graph plugins and experiments. We could explore writing and creating wiki pages about wiki: - What are areas of wiki? - Who are the main authors? - Where are the dark areas? - Where are the best areas?

Each wiki page can have it's own About Graph Plugin and then we can aggregate these graphs using the lineup to create on big graph of wiki. Using wiki this way allows us to make the process social.

Authors can fork a page and modify the graph - we could then aggregate author graphs into a common or majority proposal by and or with an algorithm. All things to explore.

# Graphing the Federation

We have also begun the process of Graphing the Federation. We begin by a scape, and a curated list of site. We then collect metadata on each site, and we construct a logical clustered graph structure, experimenting with layout engines. Our default is to use Graphviz, or it's modern reincarnation in Javascript - Dagre.

# Launching the map

Wiki's Birthday is a date worth celebrating. Let's do this each year with a Happening - that is a pod club research event happening at different places around the world where we simply practice writing together in wiki - any wiki.

On this day - 25 March 2019 - wiki will be 24. She will be 25 in 2020. Let's release the first "Map of Wiki" in 2020. We can launch the idea on 25 March 2019 - inviting various graphing and wiki people and projects to the event. Sounds good.

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