A __journal__, from the Old French "journal" (meaning "daily"), can refer to several things. In its original meaning, it refers to a daily record of activities, but the term has evolved to mean any record of activities, regardless of time elapsed between entries, such as a - wikipedia

Many people in the federation write journals - that is a form of diary. Wiki is a good place to write in obscurity. You should feel confident that Your writing is yours.

This site is a place where we can collect these experiences. Let's think of this as a Documentary in Making. Each write can have their own sub-domain here, should they be so inclined. But My Federation Life offers us other creative ways to discuss.

# Your page history

A wiki page has a place that records the history of how the page was made and where it has traveled. In software we use the term Transaction log as a chronological record of data processing, which is why in wiki we call the area at the bottom of each page a `journal` - though I prefer to call it the citation bar.

The Journal looks like this

The journal lists each Action that contributed to the page being what and where it is now. When the journal is accurate it can be replayed to recreate every version of the page through its history.

When the journal identifies sites from which it has been copied (forked), those sites will be added to the Neighborhood upon display.

# Types of journal

- Diary, a record of what happened over the course of a day or other period - Daybook, also known as ''general journal'', a daily record of financial transactions - Logbook, a record of events important to the operation of a vehicle, facility, or otherwise. - Academic journal, a generic term referring to academic and scholarly periodicals in general - Scientific journal, an academic journal focusing on science

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