Here we write about ideas

An idea is more than academic. It contains a moral dimension. Perhaps not as it is commonly instantiated, but in the federation we are led to redefine certain concepts related to how we know.

When we Write with strangers we are encouraged to hold that conversation in a certain way. We cannot force a dialogue. We cannot shout. We can only encourage the author to consider our thoughts.

# Ideas

Ideas in the federation, start personal. ideally so. It is true that we may introduce them from outside, we may fork a page from Wikipedia. But this writing leaves us cold. We prefer to write with strangers in context of who we are.

However our ideas are free to be copied, to travel. They no longer need us, and they are crafted to survive and mutate in new contexts. An idea the federation is a message in a bottle that we never fully understood.

So our ideas are formally independent, but preserve a part of their context through their history. It is important that we have this connection to history in our thought. Have you ever wished to know who was speaking, and why they thought this way?

# Argument

When you compare arguments